Rosacea is a serious skin condition that can become quite chronic and which starts anywhere from around the age of 30. The condition begins manifesting itself on your face especially on the chin, cheeks, forehead and the area around the nose. In rare circumstances it can actually affect the chest, neck and scalp. The first signs include redness of the skin which seems to become unrelenting and until blood vessels finally appear on the skin. When proper attention is not given in good time it can cause the swelling of the nose and make it appear bulbous. This is when you need to start treatment with a reputable rosacea cream.

Who gets the condition?

There are different types of Rosacea but there is one that affects the eyes and makes them become watery, bloodshot and easily irritated. Many studies indicate that while men and women can all be affected, it is women who mostly present with the disease but on the flipside, the few men[...]

the tell tail signs of rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition that often goes un diagnosed. It effects close to 16 million Americans of every age and background. It’s a disorder of the blood vessels found in the skin that causes redness of the face and other parts of the body - much like blushing and other symptoms.

While red cheeks and blushing is quite normal, people who suffer from Rosacea can experience this on a constant basis where the redness can last for months – causing a sense of embarrassment and often effecting a person’s self-esteem.

It’s a chronic progressive condition that gets worse over time. Early on the condition will last weeks up to a couple of months. Redness and flushing can be accompanied by other symptoms including redlines beneath the skin, small red bumps – coining the condition Adult acne, a large red nose and dry plus itchy eyes[...]